Half Mary Training Plan

Happy Wednesday!

In my last post, I announced that my sister-in-law, Kenna, and I are training for a half marathon in order to get ourselves back into decent shape.

The half mary?

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I’ve never done the Barry Half before, so I’m excited to run a new (to me) course!

The most I’ve done in months has been 3 miles at a time for Atlanta Running Tours.

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Even then, I would only run once or twice a week…if that.

Kenna and I decided that we needed to keep each other accountable, so we’re using an awesome Google Doc to do just that.

Screen shot 2013 01 09 at 6 49 22 AM

I came up with a plan for us that doesn’t have crazy high mileage with no more than 4 days of running per week. Below the suggested mileage, there are sections where we can each input our actual mileage.

Screen shot 2013 01 09 at 6 49 32 AM

Plus, we text each other when we ran.


It’s been working great for both of us! It’s been really motivating to me knowing that Kenna’s out there working hard too. I know I can’t let her down.

Are you running any late winter/spring races this year? Do you usually train alone or with a group?

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12 Responses to Half Mary Training Plan

  1. Lee says:

    I’ve only ever trained alone or with one other person, my friend Joan. When she and I trained together, we’d do our long runs together but not really anything else.

  2. My husband graduated from Berry! I meant to do a 5k there last year so he could visit but it never happened. Good luck with the half, hope you love the campus!

  3. I train alone, and during this time of year, it’s always on the treadmill (Northeast Ohio is chilly!).
    I will be signing up for a 10-miler that is in April, then my 1st half marathon of the year is in May.

  4. Megan says:

    I usually train alone – it’s harder, certainly, but I can do as I please and not rely on others. Or get disappointed when I feel like others hold me back.

    I wanted to do Berry but I’m doing Publix in Atlanta now. Wishing you all the best with training!

  5. I love using google docs to track my exercise!! My friends and I do the same thing and it is so motivating to see that someone else did something that day.

  6. Accountability partners for training are SOOOO helpful. Kirk and I really play that role for each other right now, since we’re coaching ourselves together and training for the same races. I miss running groups I had in Atlanta, I should probably find one here, but it’s hard with my crazy schedule to find one that trains when I need to. :) We are going to test out a tri club meeting next month, so I’m crossing my fingers!

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