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Hot-lanta? What?

I definitely got spoiled by the last month of 60 degree weather here in A-Town. I was happily wearing shorts just Thursday!

I ran into Mark walking the Jack-dog in our neighborhood after running home from a running tour. That’s a lot of running.

I had another 6 mile tour yesterday morning. I was actually supposed to have two tours yesterday, but the second group postponed theirs until next weekend when it’s supposed to be 60 degrees again.

Smart folks.

Yesterday’s tour was a ton of fun.

Even though it was a great time, the conditions made it the most difficult tour to date. Not to mention I ran the entire tour (6 miles) plus 5 extra miles to and from the tour with some errands thrown in with three bottles of water, three t-shirts, and other goodie-bag supplies in my running pack. It had to have been like 10 or 15 pounds worth of stuff easily.

Did I mention it was freezing with 30 mph wind gusts?

Those were some of the hardest 11 miles I’ve had in a while, and needless to say my back is sore today from carrying all that!

I’m resting up today in preparation for another week of tours. Already have three scheduled.

With all these miles I’ve been putting in, I’ve had no trouble staying fueled. Especially with the discovery of my new favorite food blog:

Chocolate Covered Katie is the bomb. I’ve literally been making a recipe of hers every night. Basically, I can’t keep enough chickpeas, cocoa powder, and coconut butter in the pantry. My favorites so far are her fudge babies and chocolate brownie batter dip. So delicious and full of wonderful, healthy calories and fat!

Run on!

Have you ever made anything from CCK’s blog? What’s your favorite dessert?

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9 Responses to CCK Blog Love

  1. Lee says:

    You and those runners are hardcore! It was absolutely freezing out yesterday!

  2. I can’t believe that first group didn’t cancel! Today was so cold I refused to even leave my house.

  3. It was a COLD weekend, I had to remind myself I’ve been asking for cold weather several times on my runs this weekend. :) And CCK is amazing, love her blog!

  4. omg the wind this weekend nearly killed me. I’ve been drinking tea like crazy to fend off a cough. Did you see the snow on Saturday?! I haven’t made any of CCK’s recipes but have seen her blog around & about and want to try some!

  5. hippierunner says:

    Oh wow, that’s a lot of running! I love CCK. I always find it funny when I weird my boyfriend out craving blondie batter dip…which is basically a bowl of chickpeas. That is my FAVORITE healthy dessert.

  6. Tiff says:

    Wow, you’re right; that’s a lotta’ running. You deserve all the fudge babies you can handle. :)

    I haven’t made anything from CCK yet, but perhaps I should try something.

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