It’s baaaaack!

More on my repeat offense in a minute. ;)

This morning started out like many others, with a delicious bowl of vegan overnight oats.

Yummy in my tummy. :)

vooup close and personalThis edition contained oats, chia seeds, chocolate brown rice protein powder, mashed banana, raisins, walnuts, pumpkin pie spice, maple syrup, almond milk, and a dollop of Peanut Butter and Co.’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter.  Perfect cold and satisfying breakfast on a hot summer morning.

Another perfect way to start the day?  This little girl:

Jackie!She’s the best! :)

Once at work, I finished this from yesterday:

M.A.B. GoodnessAnd had one of these:

AddictionO.N.E. Coconut Water might as well be crack.  I’m officially addicted. ;)

It’s baaaaaaack!!!

The Return of Life GroceryI just had to!  Lunchtime rolled around and all I could think about was this little slice of vegan heaven.  This time I skipped the cold bar and headed straight to Cafe Life.

cafe lifeAfter scanning over the menu for several minutes, I finally decided on the Organic Garden Sandwich.

Organic Garden SandwichIt contained Everything Seed Bread (sunflower, flax, poppy, sesame, fennel, celery, and dill seeds, garlic powder, sea salt), spread with sun-dried tomato hummus, topped with cucumbers, red onions, alfalfa sprouts.  I had them add avocado to the sandwich, and it came with a side salad.

Check out this beaut:

peek-a-booIt was absolutely wonderful.  I’m pretty sure the “bread” was raw.  It was so nutty, soft, and flavorful.  Loved it.  What am I going to choose for lunch there next week tomorrow? ;)

After work, I ran my planned 6 miles.  Mark and I were going to go to a Braves game tonight, but we both have so much to do that we decided it wasn’t the best night.  As a result, I ran this afternoon, instead of at 6 A.M.  I didn’t feel great the entire run, but I got it done.

statsThe run actually went by really fast, because the whole time I was going over lines for the play in my head.  I’m sure many fellow trail runners now think I’m legally insane since it looked like I was talking to myself.  Well, I guess I kinda was. :)

My running goals for the rest of the week?  Run 3 easy miles on Friday and 12 miles on Saturday morning.  I got this.

When I got home, I whipped up the usual post run recovery beverage:  a Green Monsta!

green recoveryThis gorgeous green mix included spinach, unsweetened coconut flakes, wheat germ, frozen banana, ice, almond milk, and honey.  Heck yeah!

Mark and I are both so tired, we decided smoothie bowls were mandatory for dinner.

siabPlus, a little treat I picked up this afternoon from Life Grocery.

Vegan Cookie?!?!This cookie is healthy VEGAN, too! :)   Yay!

It was also delish!  The cookie monster also thought so.

cookie monsterI’m off to bed.  Marketing meeting at 7:30 A.M.  Sweet dreams!!!!

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6 Responses to It’s baaaaack!

  1. Lee says:

    That sandwich looks wonderful!

  2. Laura Dahlgren says:

    The Green Monster looked very interesting so I decided to brave-it-up and try one. Wow, what a great smoothie. I had the one with oatmeal and was surprised at how creamy it was. I am trying to kick the dairy habit so I added some molasses to try to build up my calcium intake. Since I added the molasses, I then had to add vanilla (it was a bit too molassasy). What a drink! Scott thinks it’s weird but he hasn’t even tried it. Anyways, thank. I will be looking for some more yummy recipes so keep them coming girly!

  3. Mireya says:

    That sandwich looks incredible!

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