A New Perspective

Needless to say that quite a bit has changed since I last checked in. Somehow I went from this:

37 Weeks Pregnant

To this:

Baby girl

Our beautiful baby girl, Annie, was born on October 19. She is such a wonderful addition to our family and such a happy, easy baby! We really hit the jackpot. How is she 5.5 weeks old already?!

1 month old

Besides some evening nausea early on, I had an easy pregnancy. I felt great and had a lot of energy. The only negative was from about 4 months on, I was unable to continue running. Up until that point, I was running two miles three to four days a week. My round ligament pain became so unbearable, I had to switch to walking instead. Walking still caused the same pain, but it wasn’t nearly as bad if I only walked one or two miles. Anything more would cause me to be sore for a day or two. I even had to work from home a few times after walking four or five miles at a time. I couldn’t get up from a sitting position without practically falling over in pain. It really sucked not being able to run, but I feel good that I was able to maintain some fitness through walking.

At 4.5 weeks postpartum, I had been feeling great and healed for a week or two. At this point, I decided to begin running again. I have completed four two mile runs, and it feels so good to be back out there pounding the pavement. Especially pain free! Plus, it gives dad and baby some additional bonding time while I’m running.

Annie 1 month

I’ve decided to train for the Berry Half Marathon at the end of March 2014. I have 18 weeks until the race, which I feel is plenty of time to get back into it. Plus, I like having a goal of a race to really encourage me. Not only that, but my brother, sister-in-law, and a couple friends are planning on running it as well. Great motivation!

One thing I haven’t really tried yet is stroller running. I have a jogging stroller with an infant car seat adapter, but haven’t really tried it yet. Does anyone have any stroller running tips or advice on running with an infant at home? So far, having Annie nurse and then pumping before and wearing two sports bras seems critical! :)

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Has it really been January since I last posted?!?!  Dang.

I suppose it’s time to spill the beans on what I’ve been up to…

Baby Bump

I’m 19 weeks pregnant, y’all!

The first couple of months there wasn’t a whole lot of running happening or eating well, but now that I’m feeling awesome, I’m back to being active and eating my veggies.  (With the occasional bowl of Lucky Charms.)

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Half Mary Training Plan

Happy Wednesday!

In my last post, I announced that my sister-in-law, Kenna, and I are training for a half marathon in order to get ourselves back into decent shape.

The half mary?

Screen shot 2013 01 09 at 6 58 51 AM

I’ve never done the Barry Half before, so I’m excited to run a new (to me) course!

The most I’ve done in months has been 3 miles at a time for Atlanta Running Tours.

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Even then, I would only run once or twice a week…if that.

Kenna and I decided that we needed to keep each other accountable, so we’re using an awesome Google Doc to do just that.

Screen shot 2013 01 09 at 6 49 22 AM

I came up with a plan for us that doesn’t have crazy high mileage with no more than 4 days of running per week. Below the suggested mileage, there are sections where we can each input our actual mileage.

Screen shot 2013 01 09 at 6 49 32 AM

Plus, we text each other when we ran.


It’s been working great for both of us! It’s been really motivating to me knowing that Kenna’s out there working hard too. I know I can’t let her down.

Are you running any late winter/spring races this year? Do you usually train alone or with a group?

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